Ice Glide Jigging or Summer Ripping Lures, 3 or 4pc Sets in 12g/18g or 28g Size

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Brand Name: JOHNCOO        
Position: Lake, Reservoir, Pond, River, Stream Fishing
Position: Ocean Boat, Surf, Rock Fishing         
Construction:  Lead and copper interior with soft plastic outer covering.                           
Specialty: Especially effective for Walleyes or Zander, Summer or Winter
Category: Fishing Lure
Type: Artificial Glide Jigging Bait, Ice Fishing and Summer Ripping
Length: 5.5cm ,6.5cm, 7.6 cm  (2 11/64"; 2 9/16"; 2 63/64")
Weight: 12g,18g, 28g  (27/64 oz.; 41/64 oz.; 63/64 oz.)
Color: 4 colors