HENGJIA 10pc Spinner Bait Set 7.3g (1/4 oz.) 6.7cm (2 3/4")

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Position: Lake, Reservoir, Pond, River, Stream Fishing
Position: Ocean Boat, Beach, Surf, Rock Fishing
Spinners catch just about any fish alive.  This are a mid size spinner good for trout, bass, pike, walleye and many other species.  Tipped with a minnow or crawler they are extremely effective.
Category: Lure
Type: Artificial Hard Bait
Model Number: SP054
Brand Name: HENGJIA
Weight: 7.3G  (1/4 oz.)
Length: 6.7CM (2 3/4")
Hook: #4 High Carbon Steel Treble Hook
Material: Metal
Quality: 10pcs