FTK Soft Minnow Bait Pre-Rigged Jig Head 5g/10g/12g/ 25g, Spare Heads and Bodies

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Brand Name: FTK                         
Position: Ocean Boat, Beach, Rock Fishing
Position: Lake, Reservoir, Pond, River, Stream Fishing
Category: Soft Lure
Type: Artificial Paddle-Tail Minnow Bait
Note: 10g (23/64 oz.) size is two jig heads that can be used with either size body
Weights: 5g (11/64 oz.); 10g (23/64 oz.); 12g (27/64 oz.); 25g (7/8 oz.)
Lengths: 5g is 70mm (2 3/4"); both 12g and 25g are 90mm (3.5")